Our Services

Gotiii with its network of consultants, has the following areas of expertise that ensure an exceptional collaborative standard of professional services:

IT Solutions

• Custom Software
• Website Design
• Desktop Application
• E-commerce Website
• Digital Marketing

Baseline Survey

• Conduct baseline survey (including household survey)
• Establish a baseline inventory and furnish adequate database

Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation

• Project feasibility study
• Project identification and planning
• Project proposal writing
• Framing monitoring and evaluation framework/system
• Developing project implementation framework/guideline.

Environmental Management

• Environmental impact assessment (EIA)
• Environmental planning
• Environmental education and awareness development
• Environmental sustainability
• Social / agro-forestry planning and management

Water Resource

• Small scale water resource development
• Irrigation system and water management
• Management of rain-fed agriculture

Social and Development

• Social surveys/census
• Participatory rural appraisal (PRA)
• Participation
• Rural entrepreneurship development

Management Information Systems (MIS) and database management

• Process mapping
• Designing and Implementing Management Information Systems(MIS), including HRIS, AIS, CRMS, SRMS

Innovation Management & IPRs

• Innovation capacity assessment
• Application of Innovation tools
• Preparing guidelines for innovation management and registration of Intellectual Properties

Training & capacity Development

• Training needs assessment (TNA)
• Training material and curriculum development
• Institutional/organizational capacity building
• Training evaluation
• Training of Trainers (TOT)
• Skill Development: communication, presentation, office management, supervisory & leadership

Other areas

• Land Management System and resettlement
• Resource Mapping